The Adventure Starts Here

These are the accounts of various expeditions, undertaken by the brave explorers of Algernon University, Ipswich. The expedition reports can be found in the convenient menu above these words.

Latest work: Fire From The Gods. Download: PDF, MOBI, EPUB

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Previous Work: The Mysterious Ore. Download: PDF, MOBI, EPUB, ZIP

About Algernon University

Algernon University was founded in the year ____ by our first chancellor, Sir Charles Algernon Parsons. Despite its small size, it has managed to carve out a niche in the world as the birthplace of the steam turbine. Other specialisations include Engineering, Geography, Alchemy, Biology, Mathematics, Ancient and Recent History, Anthropology, Crypto-zoology, and Homoeopathy. We are lucky to count among our numbers Mr. Andrew Parsons, grandson of our founder, whose accomplishments in steam engineering cannot be overstated.

Author’s notes

These stories are a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead, may be intentional, though the details of each character most likely differ wildly from the actual truth. I treat the whole of Human history as my personal grab-bag of oddities and interesting things, and I cordially invite you to research these matters for yourself. The world is, and will continue to be, a place of wonder.

I enjoy hearing from my readers, and invite you to leave comments. If there is something you don’t like, tell me. If there is something you do like, tell everyone!