The Algernon expeditions: A simple matter of energy

The Algernon expeditions: A simple matter of energy

Essential things to bring on a jungle expedition: Never walk into any survival situation without a means to produce fire. A flint and steel will work even when wet, and never run out, unlike sulphurous matches. A good strong knife, it goes without saying, is essential. Bring two sets of clothing, one dry set for sleeping, one wet for walking, and use them only for their designated purposes. A lady’s feet being essential in getting her out of all kinds of trouble, invest in good running and climbing boots. If you must bring a man, make sure he has a generous amount of flesh on his bones and cannot run quite as fast as you can.

— The young lady’s adventuring guide, by A. L. Tennant.

Gentle Reader,

Please find here the second part of our African adventure, penned by the inestimable Miss Alexandra L. Tennant. I am proud to say that I have not abused my editorial privileges, even though some of her descriptions of me are somewhat unflattering.


Alan Wadcroft.


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