The Mysterious Ore: Airship to Egypt

The Mysterious ore: Airship to Egypt

To tell you the truth, I never believed poor Gerald until he showed me a specimen of his first cryptid. It was a juvenile coatl, with a beautiful yellow plumage. The poor thing had run into one of the dirigible’s propellers. Unfortunately, the state of the specimen was such that when Gerald brought it home, it was disdainfully dismissed as a fake, which is all too common to happen to a cryptozoologist. With so little data, pursuing the scientific method is an almost impossible task, and many cryptozoologists end up being brought low by alcohol. I suppose in that respect Gerald’s fate was a good one, as nobody could deny that the bodies I brought home were a thoroughly exsanguinated husband and a somewhat perforated chupacabra.

— Proving the negative wrong, by Prof. Margaret Enderby

Gentle Reader,

In this part, we set sail on the airship Boreas, and enjoy the magnificent sight of the English Channel by moonlight. Sad to say, what should have been an easy flight to Port Said, turned out to be more vexing than anticipated, which rather spoiled the experience. This part of our account is from the hand of Prof. Dr. Margaret Enderby.

Yures Truly,
Prof. Alan Wadcroft.


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