The Mysterious Ore: The vices of peace, the virtues of war

The Mysterious Ore: The vices of peace, the virtues of war

When travelling in inhospitable places, dangers can be classified as either environmental, natural, or man-made. Environmental hazards include prevailing weather, terrain, obstacles. One can prepare for these at home, by doing the research and availing oneself of the appropriate equipment. Natural hazards include wild animals, poisonous vegetation, air-borne diseases, insects. Even when prepared, one still needs to watch for these while travelling. Man-made dangers are worse, because they actively try to prevent one from noticing them, and will display considerable intelligence in doing so. To shield oneself from these, one needs to match that intelligence with one’s own.

Woman-made dangers, I am proud to say, are the worst of all. Do not bother trying to prepare for them. If you are in her sights, you are doomed.

– Alexandra Tennant, The young lady’s adventuring guide

Gentle Reader,

This part of our adventure describes in more detail than I would have deemed necessary, how Mr. Riley and Miss Tennant found our papers. I am afraid that they were forced to use some unsavoury methods in order to obtain the information. Despite my distaste, in the interest of completeness I have not removed a single word of Miss Tennant’s account. Steel yourself, Reader, and move on. Parts of this account may disturb sensitive readers.

Yours Sincerely,
Alan Wadcroft


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