The Mysterious Ore: Desired things left behind

The Mysterious Ore: Desired things left behind

There is a hierarchy in the various sciences. The mathematicians look down on the physicists, the physicists look down on the alchemists, the alchemists look down on the biologists, the biologists look down on the anthropologists, and so on. In that hierarchy, hovering slightly above the homoeopaths and the paranormal scientists, is the cryptozoologist. Being the study of the unseen, the unknown, the creatures only hinted at in folk-tales, often told under the influence of a variety of mind-altering substances, it takes a special kind of man to keep up the bloody-minded conviction to keep searching. To ignore the fact that what you are looking for may simply not exist, ignore the disdain of your fellows, live with the accusations of deceit. I once asked Gerald, simply, “Why?” His answer was: “Well, I found you, didn’t I?”

How can you argue with that?

— Prof. Margaret Enderby, Proving the negative wrong

Gentle Reader,

In this installment, from the hand of Prof. Margaret Enderby, we meet some of the local people, and find them to be hospitable, friendly folk. We also make a rather startling discovery concerning Carl Tennant. I still have not found a recipe for the local brew.

Yours Truly,

Alan Wadcroft.


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