Not harsh enough…

So, I’m writing this story set partly in Sudan, mostly because I liked the name of Khartoum – a name resonant with a romantic past, reminding one of old movies, evoking images of men in Arab dress, riding across the desert on full-blood Arabian horses. But I was slightly worried that I might have been a bit harsh in describing their treatment of women. It’s a fairly graphic bit in this chapter of “The Mysterious ore”.

And then I read this:

This is basically a Christian woman born of a Muslim father, who disappeared sortly after her birth. She was raised by orthodox Christians, and married a Christian man. These fuckwits now hold that she has fallen from her Muslim faith, and hence has committed apostasy, which carries the death penalty. In addition, her marriage is declared null and void, so to add more injury to injury, they now have sentenced her to a hundred whip lashes.

Turns out, I haven’t been harsh enough. Fuck it. Next installment, I’m opening up the dungeons and letting the monsters out. At least Atheists don’t whip you and then hang you for finding religion.


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