The Mysterious Ore: God speed, Professor Hammond

The Mysterious Ore: God speed, Professor Hammond

I have sometimes debated very devout Christians, who maintain against all available evidence that the Earth is but a fraction of its actual age, that Man once walked with pre-historic reptiles, either riding them or being eaten by them, that the Earth was once surrounded by a mile-thick layer of ice that would have blocked all light from the surface before breaking up and plunging to the ground in boiling fragments, and that marsupials were propelled back from Mount Ararat to the Australian continent by volcanic eruptions, on a trajectory that would take them outside the Earth’s atmosphere for several hours before landing in what reason suggests would be a bloody frozen smear on the ground, rather than a single pair of breeding animals capable of re-populating a continent barren of all life. One must marvel at the sheer devotion and the powers of concentration that allow these people to find in the wealth of scientific evidence those very few facts that confirm their beliefs, while ignoring the vast majority of the facts that do not. They call themselves Creation Scientists. Most members of our faculty, many of whom are God-fearing Christians, call them idiots, and treat them like the embarrassing relatives who have taken to wearing their underwear on their heads.

– Prof. Alan Wadcroft, “Never the twain shall meet”

Gentle Reader,

When travelling, it is always nice to find a little touch of home, some kind of indication that you are not the only one to explore these vast tracts of land. There are those of us who seek knowledge and wisdom, and then there are those of us who have gone to impart our wisdom upon the uneducated heathens who have merely survived in these harsh conditions for centuries. I think Andrew would be a most frightening parishioner if ever he took to going to Church. The presuppositional argument does not work on him, I’m afraid.

Yours truly,

Alan Wadcroft.


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