The mysterious ore: Loud Noises

The mysterious ore: Loud Noises

Of all the things a lady can bring on an expedition, by far the most important is her wits. You can survive without food for a while, without water for a few days, even without any equipment. Leaving your brain at home is a recipe for disaster. Human beings have survived without advanced technology for a longer time than we can imagine. The thing that sets us apart from a sabre-tooth tiger’s lunch is our capacity for rational thought, and our ability to cooperate. A single human against a hungry tiger equals a well-fed tiger. Ten organised humans against a tiger equals a good meal for all, and a nice rug to sleep on.

— Alexandra Tennant, “The young lady’s adventuring guide”

Gentle Reader,

The next chapter, from the hand of Miss Alexandra Tennant, is a rather hectic one, I’m afraid. As it turned out, the people of the Balian-Ibelin mining company were loth to see us go, and heartily invited us to stay. In a nice comfortable hole in the ground, that is. Our Prussian soldiers served us admirably, but so as not to kill the suspense I will not reveal here whether or not we survived. Do not, Gentle Reader, jump to conclusions by the mere fact I am writing this. We have a whole branch of paranormal sciences dedicated to communicating with the dead. I am sure they can guess who I am from the mere fact my name starts with an A, and I might be dictating this by means of a Ouija board.

Cordially yours,

Alan Wadcroft.


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