The Mysterious Ore: Home is where you write your theses

The Mysterious Ore: Home is where you write your theses

At the risk of being soppy, I do enjoy a happy ending to what might otherwise have been a gruelling tale of death, betrayal and violence. The white man has a rather bad reputation for walking into peaceful places, taking what nature has to offer, so to speak, then buggering off leaving the locals to deal with the results. It was a heartwarming sight to see Carl Tennant come back to life and take his place in the life of the woman he, to put it bluntly, got in the family way. Yes, I am aware of the role promiscuity plays in keeping the gene pool of the various tribes healthy, and Miss Fatin would probably have been fine whether or not Carl ever showed his face again, but still.

— Professor Margaret Enderby, expedition report.

Genter Reader,

Well, that is settled – I am not in the hereafter, but here in my office. This is the last chapter in our search for the Hammond Expedition, and while I would have preferred to see them all alive and well, maybe gone mad from Influences from beyond the veil but otherwise all right, I am pleased that we managed to find Carl Tennant alive. There are many more stories to tell of our expeditions into inhospitable places. If we are given the opportunity, we will relate them all. Until them, I bid you a fond farewell, until we meet again.

Yours always,

Prof. Dr. Alan Wadcroft of Algernon University.


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