Annotations to: The vices of peace, the virtues of war

The vices of peace, the virtues of war

I know, I’ve skipped a chapter and I’ve come close to skipping this one as well. It’s mostly action and intrigue and not much in the way of interesting bits of facts from the outside world. The only thing that stands out is Riley’s chit-chat with Samir:

Al salam wo alukom, Riley,” said the man.

Wo alukom al salam, Samir,” said Riley. “Kaf al shogol?

Tamam al tamam,” said the man named Samir.

According to my Internet sources, this means:

“Yo Riley!”

“Yo Samir. How’s work?”

“Good, good.”

I googled and youtubed Sudanese phrases, and a rather nice Sudanese lady supplied exactly the words I needed for “Mother” and “Brother”. You’ll also note that they are not saying “Salam Aleikum”, which is a different accent. So little research, such effect. Wow.

Leonard Darwin really was the son of Charles Darwin, and according to that temple of veracity – Wikipedia, he really did refer to himself as the least intelligent of Charles Darwin’s children.

Finally, the title of the chapter refers to a quote from the film “Lawrence of Arabia”. After all the battles were fought, Lawrence met with the Higher-ups, who did nothing but talk and squander away the land that Lawrence and his friends had fought so hard to gain. The functionary then explained that bravery, courage, and fighting ability were the virtues of war, and that this back-handed negotiating and haggling were the vices of peace. In other words: Bugger off Lawrence, there’s a good chap.

In other news, Miss Lindsey Batdorf has just sent me the artwork for the front page of the book, and it’s now my background picture. One of my friends kindly offered to design the cover page for me, and she’s now on it. When I get it, I will turn TMO into a proper E-book in various formats and publish it in these hallowed halls.


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