The Mysterious Ore in E-book form

Gentle Reader,

It is with no small amount of pride that I can announce that the report of our expedition into Africa is now available in e-book form, which Mr. Bannog informs me will put our histories under the eyes of millions, even dozens. They may be found in the Expedition Reports section of the University library, under the header of The Mysterious Ore.

One small item, though. The book is credited simply to “Alan Wadcroft”. While today’s youth may no longer care for such mundane things as titles, I studied hard to earn them and I would like to be referred to as Prof. Dr. Alan wadcroft, please. Also, I did not write this story alone. It contains contributions from my dear colleague Prof. Dr. Margaret Enderby, Miss Alexandra Tennant, Mr. James Riley and even our esteemed Mr. Andrew Parsons. As such, it should be “Prof. Dr. Alan Wadcroft et al.” Apart from that, both Miss Lindsey Batdorf and Miss Corinne Pritchard have done a splendid job, and I would warmly recommend their services to anyone in need of images and information.

So there you have it. Those wishing to carry our adventures with them wherever they go, may now do so. I suppose I had better start poke people for contributions on the next installment of our adventures. Especially Prof. Philip Tennant’s report on his stay in the South American city of Hnctplep should be most interesting and educational.

Yours Truly,

Prof. Dr. Alan Wadcroft of Algernon University, Ipswich.

Et, before I forget, al.


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