Ah ha!

Gentle Reader,

I have found out what the source is of the amusement of the collected faculty, and also the reason why they were loath to let me read this week’s copy of the Algernon Clarion. Apparently someone at that otherwise fine paper has let their uninformed eye fall upon such subjects as my modest drinking habits, and felt moved to compose an “ode” on the subject. Needless to say, they are grossly exaggerated in this piece of poetry.

In the accompanying (and unflattering) portrait of me, I recognise the hand of none other than the Clarion’s editor-in-chief, Miss Linda Davenport. The poem, such as it is, is unsigned.

Miss Davenport? Please see me when you have a moment. I would like to discuss this and other subjects with you.

Kind regards,

Prof. Alan Wadcroft.

(PS: In the interest of the public, so that they may form their own opinions on this aberrant piece of journalism, and not at all, I must stress, to poke fun at one of the valued members of our faculty, the poem in question, and its appalling, nay grotesque caricature of the esteemed Prof. Wadcroft, may be found in the “Short essays” section, under the header of “Ode to Professor Wadcroft” — Editor)

(PPS: The drawing in question was made by miss Lindsey Batdorf, and any resemblance between her and Miss Linda Davenport is entirely accidental).


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