I’ve found Andrew Parsons!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Richard Furrer of Door County Forgeworks

Richard Furrer of Door County Forgeworks

It’s fairly common for a writer to speculate about who you would want to portray your characters if you got insanely rich and could afford to have a movie made. For instance, Alexandra is very similar to, but legally distinct from Morgan Webb. I think I have just found just the right model for Andrew Parsons, steelworker of renown. The gentleman in the picture shown here is Mr. Richard Furrer of Door Country Forgeworks. I found a documentary on Youtube that showed him re-creating the Viking sword known as the Ulfberht. This was an uncommonly good blade, used only by the elite, from a steel that nobody as yet knows exactly where it came from. Rick, shown here in the moment suprème where he performs the final quench of the sword in oil, made the blade from crucible steel, using only contemporary technology. The documentary “Secrets of the Viking Sword” is well worth watching. Now all I need to do is get rich, abduct the relevant people, and…



“Alan Wadcroft”


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