Adventures on Three continents

wadcroft-smallGentle Reader,

The adventurers have returned from their travels, and I am stuck with the boring job of collating their notes and putting them into some semblance of order. Since this involves activities on the continents of South-America, Africa, and even boring soggy old England, as well as France, this may take a while, but I assure you, a publication will be forthcoming. I have given the Algernon Clarion, our esteemed student’s newspaper, permission to use some of the material for the edification of our student body. The advance copies have apparently inspired our plucky reporter Miss Linda Davenport to take up the paintbrush once more, and I must say that the result is far too dramatic for a serious scientific publication. I am sure that the Clarion’s resident layout artist, Miss Rina Prescott, will be able to turn it into a work fit for a boys’ adventure novel, which I have been told is enjoyed by our students even more than a treatise on plate tectonics, if that is at all possible.

We will see, Kind Readers. We will see.


Prof. Alan Wadcroft.


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