Nearly there! #amwriting

Well, I’m almost ready to start publishing this book. I have the words, and have made the decision that This Is It. I almost have the title page illustration from Lindsey, and then I’ll soon have the front page from Corinne. I have my rancid pile of Perl scripts to convert my text to HTML. I have wthtmltopdf to convert to PDF, I have pandoc to convert to Epub, I have Kindlegen to convert to mobi. After that, all I have to do is stick it on the web somewhere and wait for the avid readers to come and snap it up.

And that is the problem. My little Steampunk site is not in any way shape or form a high-traffic enterprise. And I crave hits. I crave comments. And so far, I haven’t even been able to get people to slag it off.

So. What is the appropriate or inappropriate way to pimp promote one’s latest book?

Answers on a postcard.


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