Was it something I said? (@JaclynGlenn)

In different places, where I play in the gardens of other writers and artists, I have an almost perfect reputation for incorrectly predicting what will happen in future episodes. I had really hoped that I might be spared this experience in the hallowed halls of Algernon University. But it seems I cannot escape this curse even here, where I (supposedly) have full control over what happens.

I’m sure all of you, Gentle Readers, will remember fondly Miss Jocelyn Vale, who is loosely inspired by Jaclyn Glenn, one of my favorite Youtubers. Almost the whole Algernon Rifle Club are similarly Youtube-inspired. Find them. Follow them. Miss Jocelyn is described by Alexandra in “The Fall Of Eldorado” as follows:

Jocelyn, with her long dark hair, lightly tanned skin and expressive dark brown eyes, certainly had a kind of romantic beauty about her. Overly gifted in the dairy department however she was not.

She is, with the possible exception of Fatin, the only person in these tales where I spend any words at all on their amplitude or lack thereof. And then Jaclyn Glenn, more or less out of the Blue, announces that she is having plastic surgery. She has just put on Twitter the “After” picture:


I’m sure that everyone will agree that Jaclyn looks wonderful. The large majority of her followers seem to agree. Jaclyn, congratulations on your new looks. May it bring you all that you hope for.

Jocelyn, however, will still not be overly voluptuous until maybe later.


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