#AlgernonExpeditions – Fire from the Gods – Godfrey Pike: The quiet life

Gentle Reader,

Please refer to: Godfrey Pike: The quiet life

This is the next installment in our ongoing report of the Tennant expedition into the Sudanese desert, this time from the hand of our new Head of Security and Recent History professor, Godfrey Pike. If you want to know who Winston is, I have no idea. Probably a code name for one of the more shadowy figures in Her Majesty’s secret service. I’m afraid Dr. Pike’s start was not an easy one. We have not had to remove a dead body since the rather exciting attempt to whip up a batch of Dioxygen Difluoride. I think high energy Alchemy should be left to the experts, who at least know when they are likely to die.


Dr. Alan Wadcroft


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