Expedition Reports

These are the expeditions on which the reports have reached your humble Chronicler:

  • The Mysterious Ore – A daring expedition led by Professors Dr. Alan Wadcroft and Dr. Margaret Enderby, into deepest Africa. PDF, MOBI, EPUB, ZIP
  • The Fall Of Eldorado – The accounts of Philip Tennant’s discovery of and escape from the Meso-American city of Anctapolepl, and Carl Tennant’s engaging reports of his life and time with the Ajuru tribe.
  • Fire from the Gods – The story of the Tennant Family’s efforts to free the scientists kidnapped from the Eiffel Tower, and the attacks mounted by a dark and shadowy organisation on Algernon University.

2 comments on “Expedition Reports

  1. MaartenKreuger says:

    Nice read; leaves me wondering whether I’d dare to meet miss Tenant in real life…

    • wadcroft says:

      I assure you, she is as kind a lady as you could hope to meet. In fact it is when she is far away that one should be worried.

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