Fire From The Gods

In the last expedition, a group of scientists were abducted from a conference at the Eiffel Tower by a Magister Nicholas Slate. The Tennant family, Philip Tennant and his son and daughter Carl and Alexandra Tennant took it upon themselves to find them, and to return them to Paris. This is a report of that expedition.

The Algernon expeditions: Part 3: Fire from the gods

The Algernon expeditions: Part 3: Fire from the gods

Be advised that parts of this report do not make for comfortable reading, and describe what is arguably the most depraved and misguided application of human ingenuity. Reader discretion is advised.

  1. Fatin: Up among the clouds
  2. Godfrey Pike: The quiet life
  3. Andre Dupont: The colour of light
  4. Alexandra Tennant: The talons of the Eagle
  5. Godfrey Pike: The art of diplomacy
  6. Andre Dupont: The suffering of others
  7. Alexandra Tennant: Descent into madness
  8. Carl Tennant: Hunters and prey
  9. Dr. Godfrey Pike: The joys of travel
  10. Fatin: Singing away the pain
  11. Agent Wainwright: Diplomatic Immunity
  12. Andre Dupont: The latter days
  13. Carl Tennant: Storm over the Eagle’s Nest
  14. Godfrey Pike: How far we have come
  15. Alexandra Tennant: Faltering steps
  16. Carl Tennant: Fire and freedom.
  17. Godfrey Pike: Janitorial duties
  18. Alexandra Tennant: It is all in the mind
  19. Carl Tennant: The Battle of Algernon
  20. Alexandra Tennant: A new lease on life
  21. Fatin Tennant: Our new tribe

The cover art was made by Lindsey Batdorf. Title page design by Corinne Pritchard.