Fatin Tennant: Our new tribe

I was Fatin of the Ajuru, but no more. I am now Fatin Tennant. I write these words so people can learn of the life of our little tribe. There are eight people in my tribe.

Our Elder is Captain Philip Tennant, who walked through South America on two legs and the love for a dead woman, and who returned with only one leg, and the love for two dead women.

Captain Philip is the father of Alexandra Tennant, who was hurt by a bad woman and her men. Her legs were healed by good men and women. The waters of her thoughts run dark, and she must find a clean source, to make them light again. She thinks that hunting our enemy will do that, but I think she is wrong. I will try to be with her and help her as much as she will let me.

Captain Philip is also the father of my big strong man Carl Tennant, who walked through deserts, mountains, jungles, to return to me so he could be with me and our son Raage. It is almost like he is two men at the same time. I see him angry, and I am afraid. I see him hold Raage and I must smile.

Also on board is Brenda Lee, who was a good woman hunter, then a bad woman with bad people, and now has joined us to find her way back. Like Alex, she seeks the clean waters. She took the ropes of pain away from Alexandra’s legs, and carried her back to us. She thinks that helping us will help her find peace. I will do what I can to help her.

Doctor Alan is with us too. When I first met him, Raage was growing inside my belly. He led the way to where Carl was, and sent him home to me. He does not speak much. The bad men also hurt him, but he says it was nothing.

Doctor Margaret sat with our women in the tent and laughed with us. Bad men have hurt her, and taken away that laugh. It will take time for that laugh to return, but sometimes, I see it rising up like a silvery fish in a dark river.

Next is Andrew. He is a very large man with steel in his mind, and steel in his body. He made Iris and Itzel, our engines. He made Philip’s new leg. He made Alexandra’s new knees. He knows nothing of people. Only a few moons ago, his waters ran clear like that of Raage, but no more. A bad man came and tried to kill him. He killed the bad man instead.

Last is Miss Felicia. Her mind is flowing with love for Andrew like mine is for Raage. She feels his pain, but she does not know the song to take it away. She does not even know that she can sing away Andrew’s pain. I will try to teach her.

There is one more in our tribe. It is Lady I, our home in the sky. To be at her helm is the best place in the world for me, with her deep breaths that make her rise and fall, with Itzel and Iris now gently walking, now running like the thunder when we must run, either away from danger, or towards it.

And there is still one more. Brenda took her on board the day before Alexandra fell asleep to have her legs healed. She is a cat, a little lion, and her name is Stranger. She has taken the Captain’s chair as her bed and will fight Captain Philip for it. Brenda feeds her milk and small bits of meat and calls her all kinds of bad names. Brenda says that a ship needs a cat to hunt the mice. Philip says that there are no mice on board Lady I and Brenda says that Stranger has eaten them all. Captain Philip says he wants to throw her overboard, but all the women say that he will be next if he does, and that is that. Men often think that they are the rulers, and most times, they are. But sometimes, a wise Elder does not speak against the women.


Lady I is now running towards Paris, the large city of the Iron Tower, so we can meet and take on board Riley. I do not like him being in our tribe, but he will help us find Magister Slate. We have a track to pick up. We have prey to find, but this prey can also hunt us. I should be afraid, but with my tribe around me, and Lady I as my friend, I am not afraid.

I feed more coal to Itzel and Iris, and I feel them roar under my feet. We are only a small tribe, but we are strong.

I am Fatin Tennant, and today, we of the Tennant tribe, we hunt.

Lady I and all those who sail in her, will return in: The Rainbow Hunters.