The Fall Of Eldorado

This is the story of the adventures of the Tennant family: Philip Tennant’s stay in the lost Aztec city of Anctapolepl, Alexandra Tennant’s rather exciting times at Algernon University, and Carl Tennant’s life and times with the Ajuru tribe in darkest Africa.

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The fall of Eldorado

Philip Tennant having a bad day

  1. Carl Tennant: Life on the White Nile
  2. Alexandra Tennant: Recovery and rifles
  3. Philip Tennant: The pursuit of dreams
  4. Carl Tennant: On the horns of the gods
  5. Alexandra Tennant: Shooting is too good for them
  6. Andrew Parsons: The rise and fall of the Rifle Mk.1
  7. Philip Tennant: You cannot get there from here
  8. Carl Tennant: Travel fast, go alone. Travel far, go together.
  9. Alexandra Tennant: Make neither love nor war
  10. Philip Tennant: A passing kindness
  11. Alexandra Tennant: The truth will make you flee
  12. Carl Tennant: The Big Sky Theory
  13. Philip Tennant: The end of the beginning
  14. Alexandra Tennant: The French are coming to get us
  15. Carl Tennant: The dance of the knights
  16. Philip Tennant: Wrath of the Gods
  17. Alexandra Tennant: One big happy family

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