The Mysterious Ore

This is an account of the expedition organised by Prof. Dr. Alan Wadcroft, of Algernon University, Ipswich, in search of the lost expedition of Dr. Hammond of Miskatonic University.

Front page The Mysterious Ore

Miss Alexandra Tennant with her rifle

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  1. A letter from Africa
  2. A simple matter of energy
  3. Airship to Egypt
  4. Port Said by night
  5. Knowledge is power
  6. The vices of peace, the virtues of war
  7. The flight of the watchmaker
  8. Desired things left behind
  9. Forgive us our trespasses
  10. God speed, Professor Hammond
  11. Surrounded by idiots
  12. Contact with the enemy
  13. Loud noises
  14. Home is where you write your theses

I would like to acknowledge the great efforts of Michelle Slee, who patiently proof-read all of my chapters, and kept my commas from running away from their proper place. The cover illustration was done by by Lindsey Batdorf, title page design and PDF formatting by Corinne Pritchard.


3 comments on “The Mysterious Ore

  1. CJ says:

    Your stuff is awesome :) have a Liebster award thing. Also don’t stop writing!

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