The airship Lady I


The airship Lady I is the home of the Tennant family. It measures about two hundred meters from bow to stern. Originally designed as a bomber aircraft for the Franco-Prussian wars, she was designed to float above the trenches and rain down death and destruction upon the unfortunate souls therein. Airships were never very successful in this task, being vulnerable to ground-to-air incendiary missiles. A well-practiced soldier could take down an airship of Lady I‘s class with maybe one or two mortar shots. Flying at higher altitudes severely reduced the accuracy of cannon fire and bombs, with frequent tragic results.

These aircraft were quickly discontinued, stripped of their weaponry, and sold to any wiling buyer as a light cargo aircraft. Philip Tennant acquired one of them, converted the aft section into a comfortable home for himself and his family, and refurbished the for’ard cabins for use by up to eight paying customers.

In their original configuration, these aircraft could achieve an airspeed of about eighty kilometers per hour, but with the addition of two Andrew Parsons Mk.14 steam turbines, Lady I can reach a maximum speed of about one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, making her one of the fastest craft in our skies today. Captain Philip Tennant founded the Tennant Airborne Scientific Transport and Expedition Company, and is currently on an expedition for Algernon University, Ipswich.